Tile Tattoos - even tiles need tough stickers sometimes

I was flicking through a copy of Living etc (one of my all time favourites) magazine and a small little editorial caught my eye...tile tattoos.
That's right, Tile Tattoos.
They are gorgeously Retro in style and will fit over any 150x150 wall tile. The company responsible for these delightful DIY options is called Mibo, their website is cute to boot, also with gorgeous paper animals, teatowels and prints. Have a look here
Perfect for those who are renting or waiting to start that kitchen or bathroom renovation and want to add a little somethin somethin.
Great weekend project, I would estimate it would take all of about 15 minutes and you are done. Perfect justification for a jug of Pimms, really so you may sit back and admire your handiwork.

Very Mad Men.

Good news is that they will post to Australia or worldwide, they come in a packet of 8 for just under $20.00 AUD. There are also some new colours and designs coming soon.


  1. Aaaahhhhhhhh! It's beautiful! Gorgeous choice in materials and stunning reveal! I'd never leave! haha! Amazing job, as usual! ;)
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