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Moroccan Flatlay - Handmade Terracotta; Glazed, Natural and Ash. Tumbled Pink Herringbone, Tumbled Slate, Ming Green Alhambra Mosaic, Pietra Grey Herringbone, Carrara Arabesque and Sisal. 
For something a little exotic, it would be hard to go past a Moroccan inspired project with its vibrant colours and bold designs. Rather than strictly adhering to authentic colour schemes and fabrics, creating an ethnic, staged feel, these days integrating some fabulous tiles with more contemporary furnishings will provide a wonderful, relaxed ambience. The ongoing appeal for a Moroccan theme is largely due to how this part of the world has worked with, rather than against its harsh environment.

Thinking of sheer voile in jewelled hues, metal stamped trays and lanterns, shared tapas-like bowls with intricate patterns and truly splendid arched ceilings, stunning mosaic tiles and mixed textures create a richness that is family-friendly and boho-chic glamorous. Moroccan inspired space is all about creating a respite or sanctuary from the unrelenting bustle of life… whether from the markets in Marrakesh or the school run in Australia!

Perhaps this iconic 1969 image of the queen of boho-chic, Talitha Getty, wearing a decorative kaftan on the roof of a Marrakesh house has you craving a more exotic pad?

We have curated a gallery of Moroccan inspired tiles to get you started: 


So, firstly let’s consider palette. The great thing about this theme is that so many tones can be used. Colour schemes include pristine white and jet black, along with rich, rustic spice shades of terracotta. Deep jewelled shades of emerald, ruby, turquoise and sapphire all work well, and all seriously complement brass, copper and silver accents. To pick up on a specific colour, fabulous Persian rugs or sisal sit beautifully over parquetry or stone floors.

Colour, pattern and rustica.

Living Areas

There is a sense of openness to the Moroccan style of home. In order to make the most of any passing breeze, flooring should be cool to the touch and ceilings high and preferably arched. If your living area is to have a Moroccan feel, you may want to consider low sitting sofas, ottomans, plenty of Euro sized cushions and metal pendant lights. Blown coloured glass and woven baskets all look great with this back drop. For floors, I would love to use our red herringbone travertine in a rust-red, worn look or our intricate mosaic tile, Alhambra, which is a Ming green and Thassos marble. Our stunning slate would also provide a great flooring option and we offer several finishes.


For a Moroccan style kitchen without feeling like you are living on a set design, a deep richness can be achieved with a fabulous splashback and border tiles. Consider integrating our Arabesque glazed porcelain or honed Carrara mosaics with our glazed terracotta tiles. You will be whipping up tagines and snacking on figs and dates before you know it!
Pietra Grey Fan, Red travertine Herringbone and Carrara Arabesque


Should you feel the need for Arabian Nights re-enactments, perhaps our divine Pietra Grey honed mosaic will capture your imagination. Pietra Grey is a beautiful warm grey stone with large white veins, with the occasional copper toned veins as well. This would work exceptionally well with our natural slate, some terracotta, or marble to make a truly exceptional space.

Check out our Black Porcelain Arabesque in Inside Out for some Moroccan Bathroom inspirations. 
InsideOut - 2014 
Finally, for some truly spectacular images of the Moroccan way of life:

That's it from us for this week, 'til next time our tile obsessed friends... 

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