How Green are my Shells?

Mother of Pearl Flatlay's - "Blush" square mosaic w' Glazed & natural terracotta and Volakas Subway. "Silver" square mosaic w' Nero Subway, Stainless tile and Perla Honed.  
There is no doubt about it! A mother-of-pearl shell mosaic makes for a stunning feature wall. Superlatives including elegant, striking and sophisticated cannot do the finished result justice. The subtle rainbow shimmer and texture in its mosaic form, renders each piece unique with its undulating and graduating natural tones. But just what does the trend for shell mosaics mean in terms of ongoing care? Could our love of natural elements in our home actually impact the very environment from which they have been created?

Let’s explore…

Byzantine Design provide a broad collection of shell mosaics in varying natural tones of blush, silver, coffee and copper. 
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Our "Blush" Penny rounds also featured in Vogue Living Magazine. 

Vogue Living 2014 - Our Beautiful "Blush" Penny Rounds.  
They are exquisite, and their natural luminescent sheen really creates an impact in a room. From a mosaic border in a bathroom to an entire wall or dazzling splashback in a kitchen, the glossy finish and natural gleam make shell mosaic tiles a very versatile option. They are perfect for all sorts of design themes, serving as a foil to the raw, exposed vibe in industrial spaces, to adding depth and warmth in a more rustic style kitchen. Elegance personified, when integrated with honed marble in a bathroom and European sophistication guaranteed, when shell mosaics are used with natural slate.

As a requirement in producing and exporting shell mosaics, our manufacturers and suppliers must declare the Shell Mosaics each time they are imported into Australia, using documents concerning the manufacturing process that are sent through to Quarantine to assure that they comply with the Australian regulations. 
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Mother of Pearl is naturally produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer - it is also what makes up the outer coating of pearls. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent, like beetles’ shells. Our Shell Mosaic tiles are either sourced river shells or Black Opal (Black Lip), which are sourced from Tahiti.
"Black Lipped Mussel" square mosaic.
Our supplier uses raw shells and cuts them into shapes such as penny rounds, hexagons or squares, then puts them onto mesh and polishes them (they are cleaned beforehand otherwise they cannot transform them into a mosaic). A special mesh is bonded onto the back of the tiles which are created in varying sized sheets. The installation requires pre-grout and grouting sealants to ensure the naturally porous shells offer stain protection.

As with any specialty product such as marble, shell mosaic tiles require ongoing maintenance to clean and protect their beauty. We always recommend sealing and proper care & maintenance to help preserve shells’ unique look. Harsh abrasives or acid based products should NOT be used as these will damage the mosaic surface. Specific cleaners and re-sealers are required depending on the use of the tiles (internal, external and immersive environments) – such as whether they are used near food, outdoor use or are regularly wet such as in a shower.

For envy-inducing shell mosaic design inspo, look no further than:

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