The Black Paris

If you're ever in Paris, I think you MUST have a look at this Hotel. It is called The 7 Hotel Paris and these suites will blow your mind.
Each room is themed differently, this one is called the Black Diamond, I think you can see why. It's very Rock Star.
The basin and bathtub are inlaid with Swarovski crystal, the shower is described as a full body shower which also has LED lights within the jets.
Pricing for the night starts from 312 Euros.

Open the door to the "Black Diamond" as you would open a jewel case, with delight. Filled with joy, you'll never want to leave this precious jewel.

Open this precious case and let your eyes delight in this dazzling, sophisticated atmosphere. Explore a designer jewel where black becomes a colour, where comfort and luxury meet to create this exceptional suite. Glamour and romanticism are the essence of a passionate, dream-like stay.

And there is also a James Bond Suite, have a look here


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