This one is dedicated to Louise @ Table Tonic

Some of you have been directed here through the incredible Table Tonic blog. I am lucky enough to be able to call Louise one of my closest friends.

Today I dedicated this post to her.

I know that one of her current obsessions (one of many) are crystals, I saw this crystal bath and basin and immediately thought of her.

There are no words..... I will use Baldi's words to describe them

In primitive times, rock crystal was known as the "essence of the earth", the most potent force of nature. Rock crystal deposits were considered to be "sacred land" or the "land of the gods".
In nature, rock crystal is found in the form of colorless crystals, as clear as water, from large blocks which are MILLIONS of years old.
The name derives from the Greek "kristallos" which means "ice". Rock crystal includes all the colors of the light spectrum and all the powers of cosmic energy.
In the Middle Ages, the preciousness of rock crystal was considered to be comparable with that of diamonds. The unique qualities of rock crystal derive from its emotional and historical value, from religious beliefs and from the mineral's therapeutic functions which date back millions and millions of years.

Designed by Luca Bujola, the most amazing Italian designer, you can look at the website here (beware, swoon warning)

Unfortunately they will set you back at least $150,000 and weigh well over a tonne.
We can but dream.



    Thanks Briddance.

    Alright now buy me the bath?


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