This weekend I was lucky enough to see the most beautiful exhibition..

The Ballet Russes or Russian Ballet Costumes

At the National Art Gallery in Canberra.

I first saw this exhibition when I was 14 and I was tranfixed then, so 20 years later it has returned and it was even more amazing.

The textiles, the beauty...I almost cried just because of how beautiful the costumes are. Most of them are from the early 1900s. The NGA purchased most of the costumes in the mid 1970s and have been restoring them.

In short, they are incredible. Many courtiers including Coco Chanel were involved in designing these beautiful costumes. Some of them would have been so heavy and hot, you can actually see the sweat marks from dancing on some of them.

These pictures are just the beginning of what I plan to share. I purchased the book, I will share more later this week.

Oh, and the gallery itself. To. Die. For. If you saw me there yesterday I was the crazy girl taking photos of the stone floors, bathroom and HUGE gold leaf doors. They will be in tomorrows post.

For now I will share just pics of the amazing costumes.


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