The Balinese really know how to create a beautiful bathroom...

all except for the plumbing - that can leave a little to be desired.

This is a bathroom that I stayed in in a lttle placed called The Villas in Seminyak my brother and my sister in law got engaged so I have extra special memories of this place.

This is left hand side of the bathroom - it is in 3 shots because it was sooo big..

the centre complete with lounge and buddha..

and the right hand side...I love love love the star cut outs in the roof.

I thought I would also add a photo of the pool just because...

What I love about this bathroom -

The loose pebbles with large limestone slabs

The stars in the roof - a great solution instead of a skylight

The 100x100 tumbled marble roman bath

The lounge - because you need to be able to lie down in the bathroom!


  1. We're going to Seminyak next week! I hope my bathroom looks this good! I too LOVE the stars on the roof. You should post on Monsoons loos. Pretty swanky for a pub in Darwin!

  2. Send me some pics Miss cyclonecindy and I will happily post them.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love Bali! Did you get a chance to go to Kudeta restaurant?


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