So this is it....

Welcome to my very first blog! This has been very much a work in progress with most of the work being inside my head.

I feel I should introduce myself - I am Dara and my company is byzantine design, hence the blog name. I design bathrooms as well as selling tiles and stone - these are 2 of my many passions and I am thrilled to be able to share these.

The aim of this blog is to talk about bathrooms, designing them and sharing some of the incredible bathrooms I have photographed over the years as well as some of my own work. As well as bathrooms I would like to share my love of tiles, especially natural stone. So, if you are renovating or building feel free to ask questions or even request samples - I can sell online if you wish. I am based in Balmain Sydney but can ship product anywhere.

I also have other passions such as movies, food, music and fashion - there will be some musings about these for you as well.



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