Luxe – integrating clever design with beautiful finishes to bring you joy.

Luxe Flatlay #stopdropandflatlay - Stainless, Copper, Glass and
Mirrored Mosaic's paired with stone and mother of pearl. 

Luxe or luxury as a design style covers a broader spectrum than a specific era or style such as Art Deco or Bauhaus. Luxe tends to denote richness. Not just wealth or budget but something to luxuriate in and perhaps create a little envy. Marble gets an instant tick; anything handmade or limited in number or access and expertly blending several surface finishes for an individual look. Sure to generate a sense of FOMO in the right circles, is our gallery, with an entire section dedicated to this style of project. Tiles include luxurious calacutta marble, exquisite glass mosaics and bevelled mirror subway tiles:

Stone Mosaics - "Botanica" Carrara and Thassos, "Chevron" Carrara and Nero, "Fan" Nero, "Urban, Ocean" Slate and Glass.  

As an analogy, just as a sexy little European car surpasses the quality and style and je nais se quoi that something local offers, this special something can be the understated luxury of raw power under the hood, or it can be the OTT wow factor of dramatic design. Luxe interior design is about filtering out all the exciting options to bring together a cohesive, harmonious space that is as beautiful as it is opulent. Ideally luxe makes you happy to use and experience a space, whether for entertaining or just enjoying a hot shower in a beautifully designed bathroom.

Luxe is personal. 

Luxe design is a lot like the culture-specific perceptions of beauty – it is definitely in the eye of the beholder. What is perfect for one, is ostentatious to another. The novelty for a designer mandated to create a space within the “theme” of luxe, is that as opposed to being driven and somewhat limited to a tight budget and having to be very strict to make each dollar stretch for a great finish, the parameters are open ended in terms of budget with expectations just as high.

Luxe is not restricted to marble or multiple bathrooms. 

Luxe incorporates finishes such as marble, rare timbers, integrated tech and metal finishings. In addition to seeking out Italian or Scandi design, luxe may also involve acquiring unique artisanal pieces through obscure suppliers or at auction.

Traditionally luxe materials include fur, leather, plush carpets or rugs and velvets. Scale is important too. A small bathroom can be transformed in a luxurious way, or at the other end, some 5-star hotel bathrooms seem to be an exercise in showcasing as many variations of complementary veined marble and brass fittings as is humanly possible, while offering an alternative use for what could also be a comfortable home for a family of four. Some exquisite options include:

"Herringbone" Pietra Grey,  "Perla, Bianca" Glass
and "Copper" Mother of Pearl Penny round

Luxe can also be practical, as you are able to invest in a smart design that is clever in its storage and access(love this in a 
hard-working kitchen), or it can be really out there, like including an indoor pool and wet bar. Luxe may also integrate eco-friendly
design with innovations to recycle rainwater and clever underfloor heating and cooling(check out furniture lifestyle brand Riva1920’s design ethos through Fanuli).

If your passion is music, an integrated sound system throughout the house is a dream, while a unique mosaic integrating your family heritage could make others’ hearts sing.

Complementing your beautiful tiles may include incorporating iconic designer furniture, whether an original Le Corbusier chaise longue, a Fritz Hansen Egg chair or the same Fendi Casa pieces as used in high profile European residences and yachts.

Flick through Vogue Living or Belle Magazine for a very quick insight into the stunning pieces available through Fanuli or Cult furniture, Ligne Roset, Designer Rugs, ILVE Kitchens and more.

Luxe with a prescriptive theme. 

Hollywood Regency is a popular luxe style as it integrates an uncluttered look with exquisite texture on a grand scale. A 30s glitzy cocktail lifestyle vibe has been made popular by interior designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and locally by Greg Natale. To immerse oneself in this style requires heavily stylised pieces such as credenzas, velvet sofas, a rich and vibrant palette, bold stripes and lots of lacquer, fringing and chandeliers. Hollywood Regency also manages to avoid the cold, stark showroom quality which some luxurious settings exude.

Our collection of luxe tiles perfectly complements the Hollywood Regency look for old school glamour: and-nero- marquina-marble-honed honed-and- polished-thassos-marble

We hope we have inspired you to further explore luxe design and all the options to make the space of your dreams.

That's it from us for this week, 'til next time our tile obsessed friends... 

XOXO Byzantine Design  

Changing the World one tile at a time.


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