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What do IKEA, Marimekko and Kikki.k have in common? Their aesthetic superbly blend
novelty and simplicity into a family home with utility as its cornerstone. Superficially, Scandi may be confused with New York Loft/ Industrial – largely due to the similar palette and exposed-bulb lighting used but there ends the similarity. There is nothing “unfinished” or commercial to a Scandi-designed home. There is a lot of white, dove grey and tobacco brown and often reindeer throws.

It is no surprise that the minimalist foundation to Scandi style serves as a counterpoint to the exuberant fun of 60s style prints and playful pops of colour in its home furnishings. When you reference Scandi style, what is essential in capturing the mood, is usually the use of natural materials used – marble, blonde or white washed wood, lots of natural light, and practical, innovative, 
eco-friendly solutions (think of the IKEA flatpack!).

Scandi architecture and design is all about clean lines and beautiful utility. Their ethos concerns maximising natural light and employing every small space with practical solutions in terms of storage and multi-tasking. They don’t integrate marble simply for its natural beauty; it is the holistic value in terms of marble’s attributes – the timeless appeal, quality and longevity that make it a popular choice. There is no clutter, but the style is very liveable.

Inspired by nature, curves are soft on the eye and enhance the beauty of the materials used. Every item is considered and superior quality. This is not to say there are harsh institutional angles in this theme. There is a joy to the creation of a well-considered piece. Furniture is influenced by mid-century design and is created, not to simply have something new, but borne from an identified need. Using nothing but the essential form and adding in the practical requirements of comfort, designers ensure each chair or side table earns its place in an often limited space. High ceilings add a sense of space and calm, as do the pale walls and floors. Heating is provided under floor or through small corner fireplaces that are not centrepieces to living areas.

Some of our instore Scandi vibes

Flooring is generally wood, but the beauty and lush colour of natural slate also suits this style. The neutral palette of black, whites and vanilla are well catered for through ubiquitous subway tiles, marble and beautifully subtle penny round glazed porcelain mosaics which let the attributes of the materials add texture and interest to their space. My favourite in our collection would have to be the Pietra Grey herringbone for its linear, natural tonal graduations and it's clever echo of wooden parquetry flooring.

Here is some more beautiful inspo on Scandi style to salivate over…



Our favourite - Pinterest

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