Pinch me moments a plenty this week...

That feeling of pride seeing close friend realise their dream after putting in the hard yards struck in such a big way for me this week that I was tempted to wear a t-shirt proclaiming “I’m with her”. 
One of my absolutely crazy talented besties, Petrina, launched a capsule collection of rugs with industry rock stars, Designer Rugs this week.

The range of four hand tufted rugs is beyond fabulous for both their vibrant colourways and the authentic stories inspiring their creation. Let me catch my breath before I get ahead of myself here…yes, I am that excited!

Having worked within Designer Rugs design and production team 20 years ago, and continued to use bespoke rugs in her styling projects, this collaboration sees her creativity come full circle. Petrina Turner called her debut signature collection with Designer Rugs of 100% wool and wool and bamboo blended pieces, New Again by Petrina Turner Design

To immerse yourself within the world of Petrina’s rug designs, High Tea, Evelyn, Mavis and Purls of Wisdom, is like being read a bedtime story while enveloped in a warm hug with a nice cup of tea. 

Through her designs, she has shared some special memories in a very 

engaging way. She has designed the floor coverings as an ideal centrepiece for living spaces. Each piece is a statement to and celebration of the lost art of making a house a home in a modern world of stark minimalism and form over function. 

Petrina references her strong links to the generations-old skills of cross stitching, knitting, crochet, tapestry and the lost art of displaying flowers in vases throughout a living area. The common thread (look, I’m even making a sewing pun!) in what I can confidently call works of art, is a tribute to patience, the amicable silence and sense of harmony that those who continue to quilt, stitch and knot experience in a switched on era.

Photography by @amorfophotography Stylist : @tamaramaynes

We can all relate to wearing scratchy hand knitted jumpers made with love, and seeing every living room surface covered in intricate doilies, but the oversized scale employed, has prevented these modern vintage inspired pieces to be labelled simply as kitsch. The 
collection has paid homage to matriarchs within Petrina’s lineage, while making a stunning, textural statement ensuring that these rugs become instant heirlooms to new generations.

I am just so proud and I think you will love each piece as much as I do. My favourite is the folk art style High Tea for it's relatable and nostalgic concept... 

Fist pump for my gurl!

That's it from us for this week, 'til next time our tile obsessed friends... 

XOXO Byzantine Design  

Changing the World one tile at a time. 


  1. You totally made me cry you beautiful lady! You are an amazing friend and a lyrical genius! Thank you x 1 million! xxxx


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