2016 Pantone Colour of the Year “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” - Sell out or Cultural Zeitgeist?

We call this - Stop, Drop and Flatlay

Working within a creative industry requires a crystal ball at times on what the “next big thing” will be in homewares and fixtures. It would be remiss for me to not mention the influence of Pantone, from its impact on fashion to furnishings. We wait with bated breath each year once the Pantone trend hunters have pillaged sub cultures and social media, for the proclamation to be decreed and translated for the masses.  

What exactly does it mean when 2016 brings with it two official Colour of the Year hues? Pantone has suggested it serves as a barometer for the gender fluidity we are experiencing in society and on the catwalk. Perhaps returning to pretty pastels is subversive in itself? 

We’re bringing pretty back! 

Hmmm, well we can agree that creatives and commercial buyers will have a better understanding of demand from fonts to fashion, while for consumers it of course means more options at every price point. From Kmart to Kikki.K, stationery and homewares have well and truly embraced both shades and the colours sit so well within the ongoing affair with Scandi/industrial. The cool pastel blue and blush pinks both soften the starkness of distressed walls, and the coldness of marble, copper and exposed lights. They are also fun colours that would provide the perfect foil in a splashback, for retro SMEG appliances, if you have a Stepford Wives thing going on (and who doesn’t secretly lust after a time when baking in pearls was de rigueur?).

Before you dismiss the idea of thinking pink in your next project, perhaps you need a visual cue to see just how breathtaking a coloured grout and mixed luxury textures can be. 

The Odette restaurant within Singapore’s National Art Gallery, created by Universal Design Studio, demonstrates just how tasteful the pastel pink grout, seamlessly integrated with the softness of blonde oak timber, Carrara marble crazy pave, (watch this space we are about to start selling this) and metallic accents, creating an opulent finish within this spectacular venue.

Images via YellowtraceUniversal Design Studio and Jovian Lim

Here is the rest of the Yellowtrace article about the stunning Odette restaurant

Pantone Colour of the Year video here:


Here’s something just for you:

One of my favourite films is Funny Face, I always think of this part of the movie when talking about pink. Enjoy

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