My latest creation.

This bathroom was completed late 2010 after a 12 month project.

My brief was to change a lounge room (4mx3m) into a bathroom and for the space to be an oasis in which the owner ( we will call her C) will be able to relax after a stressful day. C has her own corporate training company and works 12-14 hour days some days. The bathroom was to be designed with relaxation in mind as well as functionality for a fast paced and busy life.

The house footprint had to be changed to accommodate an extension onto the back of the terrace in Balmain. The new plans included an extension to incorporate an open plan kitchen, living and dining area as well as an update to a tired downstairs office area. We incorporated the beautiful new bathroom as well as a small powder room tucked under the stairs to accommodate the office area.

Epoxy filled Travertine 600*400 was used throughout the new kitchen, dining and living areas as well as throughout the study and powder room.

C's friends come over to the house and the husband's will not let their wives use the bathroom as they fear the conversation on the way home in the car about how they could renovate their bathroom as well. True Story.

The bathroom is easily my favourite design to date. I think it has an incredible feminine feel, a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

The stone is tumbled Ilaria Marble in 300x300 for the floors and 100x100 as a feature behind the basin and the bath. The hob behind the bath is wide enough for a glass of wine to rest upon. The tiles are available on my new website here.

The shower rose is from Methven, there is a fixed rain shower head with an additional shower rose on a flexible hose, I would recommend these as they are good to clean the shower area with as well as having an adjustable height for kids.

Here are a couple of photos of the kitchen and living areas

Photos are by Conor Quinn


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