A Pimp Daddy Black Apartment

This apartment was on Apartment Therapy yesterday and my jaw dropped. I just had to share it with you all. It is built above the YMCA in Chelsea (yep the one the Village People sang about).

The apartment is owned by Cindy Gallop, an incredible woman who has started a website IfWeRanTheWorld....

Help us by sounding your barbaric YAWP!

Get your tribe stirred up about turning their good intentions into action at IfWeRanTheWorld - do as Papa Whitman says and bring it to your (metaphorical) rooftops and give it shout.

A great initiative, a small step to help this world that we live in.

Oh...and an apartment to die for. The walls, floor and roof are all black, which makes all of Cindy's beautiful treasures pop. It is a refreshing change for the all white that we all seem so caught up on.

Where does one start with all the details?

The wall of shoes
The Gucci chainsaw
The black mosaic kitchen floor
The kitchen...

And the bathroom.....there are no words. And yes, she uses black toilet paper!

And the lady herself, Queen of her castle



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