Top Ten Hotel Bathrooms - Number 10

I am slightly obsessed with bathrooms as you may have noticed....

I recently found Mr and Mrs Smith's luxury travel blog where they countdown the top 10 hotel bathrooms.

So... Number 10 is -

Book a two-floor pavilion at this leafy Thai hideaway and you may never leave the ensuite. Each bathroom has a raised, deep, round bath easily big enough for two. With enough candles to fill a cathedral on hand, as well as a stash of pampering potions such as the resort’s own sea-salt scrub and jasmine after-sun, it’s impossible to imagine a more romantic spot to soak yourself .

Oh yes and there is a day spa, VERY important

If I feel like getting away I have a look at their site and dream...


  1. Just looking at the pic in this feature makes anyone feel like the whole place is just too good to resist. A couple could very well stay for over half a day just indulging in the grand bathroom. With a bathroom that beautiful, who wouldn't want to have their bathroom remodeled like this?


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