Sisal is back in Vogue.

noun  si·sal  \ˈsī-səl, -zəl\
Definition of sisal
1. :  a long strong white fiber made from the leaves of a Mexican plant and used to 
make rope and twine
Abaca Handmade Rug - Coron two tone 

Just as initially Kylie outshone Dannii with her pint-sized cuteness, entertaining clout and shiny short-shorts, the determination of the younger, less popular sister has paid her dues and is now arguably top of the pops with her sassy strength. Long lasting and fabulous, Sisal is having a moment. Gone are the days where a floor covering so practical was considered boring. Now, people are scrambling for the attributes of a neutral palette and hard wearing textured weave that sisal provides.  Style vs Substance is no longer mutually exclusive; with modern sisal there is no longer a compromise.

Havana Jurico Sisal with Tumbled Slate, Solid Oak, Callacatta, Terrazo 
and splashes of Fuchsia and Chartreuse.

Sisal offers a range of weaves, natural tones and ticks all the eco-friendly boxes with its strong, natural fiber composition. The texture is coarse, which allows for heavy traffic and furniture. On hardwood or tiled floors, the addition of sisal rugs creates a sense of separated lounge/dining spaces which really complete your interior styling.

We have enjoyed providing both wall-to-wall installed and custom sized sisal rugs to a variety of home spaces. The weave suits the scandi-industrial vibe through to crazy pet and kids climbing the walls homes equally, thanks to its ability to look new even when cats mistake it for scratching posts or kids spill cornflakes onto it.

Being a natural texture with shaded variations and tonal striations, it looks amazing and works harmoniously with other natural materials such as leather, wood and linen.  Sisal also adds depth and serves as a counter point to the sleek coolness of marble, slate and stone,
both in flooring and home wares.

Havana Sisal in Onyx, Palma, Esperanza, Sandino and Jurico.
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Don’t think sisal is only available in one twine-like shade either. Fave's of our collection include the near white Abaca Irish Crème, through to various cool blues, gunmetals and greys and even European Onyx. We have a range of wool/sisal blends for more choice of feel, while our Villa Natralis is closer to a traditional carpet texture.

Let’s see the arguably more exotic Persian meet all of these lifestyle requirements and still look fabulous! Did I mention cats using the rugs as claw sharpeners?
It really is a miraculous material!

That's it from us for this week, 'til next time our tile obsessed friends... 

XOXO Byzantine Design  

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